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Hi beauties!! Since I get a lot of questions on what certain makeup products are and their purpose, I just wanted to create a makeup and beauty glossary so you guys can really get an idea of what’s what. I will be going more in-depth with future posts to give you guys the tea on each type of product, my favorite recommendations and more.

The first post of this mini series will be going over the basics! ♥

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It’s National Lipstick Day!! Every year, July 29th is basically like the Black Friday for lip products. Different brands and stores come out of the woodworks with amazing deals to help us celebrate. Below are a few of my favorite brands and product recommendations to help you choose your next lippie!

Anastasia Beverly Hills is offering a buy one get one deal on five lip products, almost each one has a wide range in variety. This deal lasts until August 3, 2019.

1. ABH Liquid Lipstick $20
My favorite neutral everyday shades are Ashton, Pure Hollywood, Naked, and Stripped. My favorite bold shades are Madison and Vintage. Google  Anastasia Beverly Hills along with the name of the shade to see what they look like!

2. ABH Lipgloss $16
Go for the ‘Toffee” color! It looks great on any skin tone, especially with a brown or neutral lipliner

3. ABH Matte Lipstick $18
My favorite shades are Staunch (sandy peach color) and Dead Roses (deep mauve).

4. ABH Lip Primer $16
This is really just a conditioner that also doubles as a primer to wear underneath lipsticks so your lips stay moisturized. It’s pretty much a win win situation with this product, but so is chapstick.

5. ABH Lip Palette $48
I would honestly only recommend this product if you want to experiment with different lip colors or if you are a makeup artist. I have it and I personally love it but I do see how it would most likely just sit in a lot of people’s drawers or on their vanities.

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