Almost everything these days operate like a subscription based service, from food boxes to apps to spinning classes to beauty boxes and more, so it shouldn’t be that much of a surprise that spas all over are offering facial treatments for a monthly fee. Read more inside this post!

When I hear the word lamination, my mind immediately goes back to when I was in middle school and we needed our final reports laminated. Surprisingly this word has reappeared and has absolutely nothing to do with school or paper 😂Brow lamination is a new brow treatment originating from Russia and is now making its way everywhere else!

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I’m just gonna get right into these stickers because they seem really cool and I wish they were around 10 years ago when my forehead looked like a minefield. The Starface stickers are basically a really cute hydrocolloid patch. What those patches do is create a moist environment which draws out fluids and pus to get rid of those zits in less than 1 day as opposed to the typical week. Idk about you but unless I treat my pimples, they tend to overstay their welcome for at least 5 days (not that they were welcome in the first place 😒). I don’t really get acne or pimples anymore unless I go super super crazy with sweets but it’s really good to hear that something like this is on the market just in case.

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Oct 17, 2019

Reggie Rocket in 2019

Rocket power was legit one of my favorite shows growing up! Reggie, Otto, and Tito were my fave characters so I knew I had to do a recreation this Halloween. What do you think?⠀Open this post for makeup details ♥

I’m not gonna lie, I first heard of Maison Martin Margiela 10 years ago when Kanye West mentioned it in a song 🙈 I’ve been watching the brand ever since! When they made their debut into Sephora via fragrances, I went above and beyond to test them out. They’re not offered at every Sephora so keep that in mind in case you decide to visit your nearest store.

What I love the most is that the perfumes aren’t your normal scents. They all have a backstory and are meant to capture a moment in time. For example, their scent Lazy Sunday Morning is literally supposed to remind you of a relaxing, lazy, chill, Sunday morning. It’s a very light scent that will remind you of fresh linens and freshly washed skin with a hint of fresh flowers.

Last week a friend from high school sent me a snap story by Harpers Bazaar and to my surprise, it was my Black Panther/Killmonger tutorial!  

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