May 3, 2018

One of The 30 Finalist for the Face Awards by NYX Professional Makeup

Hi lovelies!

I have some amazing news I want to share! A few days ago I received a call from NYX Professional Makeup. They let me know my submission for the FACE Awards (Freedom and Artistry for Creative Expressions) was chosen along with 29 other finalists! 😝 I’m so excited, I have no clue how many other people submitted a video in but I can’t believe my look was one of the 30 chosen! I submitted my Glam Mystique look, I’ll link the video somewhere down below.

But now for the fun part, the 30 finalists have to compete in 3 challenges with different themes. At the end of each challenge, voting will commence for 6 days. The people with the least amount of votes will not move onto the next round. For the first round, only 20 people will move on and voting is between May 18th – May 24th. For the second round, only 12 people will move on, 6 for the third round. You can vote 3 times per email per day so this means I’m really going to need your support 🙏🏾

(From the FACEAward’s website: “On the days in which the Voting Phrase opens at 12:00 PM PT, voting for that day ends at 11:59 PM PT. Multiple votes received from any person or email address in excess of the stated number will be void.”)

The last 6 finalists will then be flown out to California to participate in the FINAL round. Here’s the timeline:

I’m sure you guys have seen this one before but for those who haven’t, heres the look I submitted!

If you have any questions for me, leave em in the comment section…otherwise I’ll see you in my next post. Take care! ♥

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