May 13, 2020

Now or Never πŸ’„

Happy hump day! Just wanted to share with you guys a gift one of my good friends got me (Thanks Chi!!). It was a ‘just because’ gift but since my birthday is coming up, I’m considering it a birthday gift πŸ˜†πŸ˜‚ We both share a love for B.Simone, a hilarious comedian, actor, rapper and entrepreneur, who just released new products for her 30th birthday. Now I previously looked at her site a few weeks before my gifts were bought and was thinking to myself the book she released looked interesting but I didn’t really look at her other products. Thankfully, I got to try out one of her newest glosses in the shade “Now or Never”. She has about 10 other colors available but I feel like I have way too many lip products already…so I ended up choosing one that looks like nothing I already have. Β 

+ Product: B. Simone Beauty Lip Gloss
+ Price: $16.00
+ Description: A thick, creamy, pigmented gloss that lasts on your lips for hours. Also vegan and cruelty free!
+ Shades: There are 10 shades in various tones of pink, peach, gold, or clear/iridescent
+ Where It’s Available:Β Β 


First of all, the packaging! It looks and feels super luxurious. I love that it appears to be a lipstick because of the shape of the tube inside, but is actually a gloss. The gloss itself feels nice. Although the website says it’s thick, I personally prefer glosses that are a bit thicker. The color is definitely something I don’t have in my collection as it’s not just a regular pink shade. It’s slightly iridescent and has tiny holographic glitters mixed in.Β 

AND THE NOT SO GOOD:Β I just wish it was a little thicker (personal preference), otherwise, it’s great!

Products from B.Simone Beauty will take about 3 weeks to ship due to COVID-19. It sucks but the product is worth it.

MY OVERALL THOUGHTS:Β Love the gloss. Having one made me feel like I need to buy the whole collection, especially because of how pretty they look. If you’re the type to build a vanity and have products on it for show, this is definitely one of those products.

Tried any of B.Simone’s products? Drop your thoughts in the comment below β™₯

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