May 6, 2020

Teas That Work Just as Well As The $40 Flat Tummy Teas

If you’re on social media, I’m sure you’ve heard of the various ‘Flat Tummy Teas’ being promoted. They promise a flatter stomach, more energy, a boosted metabolism and a cleansed system. Most of them essentially work very similarly to a laxative, so you’ll be running to the restroom all day but they do help you temporarily get rid of water weight. They cost between $30-$70 and have to be used on a continuous basis to see results. So what’s the problem? The key ingredient in those types of teas is the Senna leaf, which gives the laxative effects (along with cramping). The Senna leaf isn’t actually something you want to use for longer than two weeks because your body becomes dependent on it and won’t be able to use the restroom without it. Sucks, right? I know! It sounded too good to be true and it is 😂

Now keep in mind all of the detoxing teas being promoted aren’t like that, although a lot of them are. Just keep an eye out for that specific ingredient, steer clear and you’ll be fine. Unless you have an event you want to get slimmer for and you use those teas for under two weeks. That wouldn’t do much harm.

But overall I personally would rather a more gentle approach instead of paying that much for an expensive laxative that has bad long term effects. But that’s just me. If it works for you and you love the results and how you feel when taking it, that’s great. But if you want to try something less costly, less intense, and less harmful, below are a few alternatives!

Yogi Detox – This is the one I personally use. It has so many other benefits that you wouldn’t expect, which makes it even more amazing. It has cleansing herbs like Burdock and Dandelion along with traditional Ayurvedic herbs as well. This tea can be found at most grocery stores for about $5 per box, but it’s offered on Amazon as well. Check out the reviews!

Lemon & Ginger Tea – You can also find this at any grocery store or you can make it yourself—if you’re up to it. Lemon boosts your immune system and helps with digestion. Ginger works to detox your body by removing chemicals. So combined, you’d be getting similar effects as the more expensive teas, minus the feeling of taking a laxative.    

Traditional Medicinal Weightless – This tea has been raved about by so many people about it’s effect on bloating! Their brand in general has tons of different teas that work well, but this one is super popular for obvious reasons. You can also find this at grocery stores, health shops, or online.  

Have any more recommendations? Drop em in the comments below  ♥

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