Second in the Pixi x Pretties series is the collaboration they did with beauty blogger “From Head to Toe”. These highlighters have multi-dimensional pigments in it that give the prettiest glow 😍Open this post for more details and pics!

I first came across this brand when I was working as a Beauty Advisor with Brand Connections inside of Target. We got to test out all the beauty products, skincare, etc in the form of a huge box of gratis. Pixi Beauty caught my eye because it was in a well lit aisle and had it’s own testers which I did not shy away from.  Fast forward to today (and this is kind of ironic) I received a huge box on my doorstep of their newest products to try out and share with you guys!

I’m gonna review everything one by one so I can make sure I don’t miss anything. First up is the Pixi + Chloe Morello Lip Icing.

Got a new palette by Gold Label called the Mombasa Palette 😝Open this post for swatches and a review

Since I have tons of NYX Professional Makeup products, I figured I’d share some product shots and swatches with you guys! Hopefully it helps if you guys were interested in any NYX products and never got a chance to actually go out and make a purchase. I was always interested in the matte lip creams but for some reason never picked one up. I think it’s because theres such a huge range in color, I could never decide on which colors I wanted  so I always ended up not buying any of them!

Thankfully the brand sent over their 12 new shades, so inside are swatches and photos of the lip cream. See any shades you’d wear?

Okay now this is gonna sound really odd so I’m just gonna give a bit of a backstory first on how I “discovered” this. When I first got into makeup, I couldn’t figure out which brand had the best brush cleaner. I went through tons of different types but still, my brushes never got as spotless as when I first purchased them. I tried the whole olive oil and dawn dish soap thing but there was always some residue left on the bristles.

One day I signed up for this beauty app that was extremely similar to Instagram, think of it as the Instagram for beauty lovers. Someone asked the age old question of what the best brush cleaner was, and I’ll be honest, it 100% shocked me! Even more so because of the price! It’s only $1.00, maybe $2.00 depending on where you live. Open this post for more details! ♥

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