I don’t know about you but whenever I see Tracee Ellis Ross, my eyes go straight to her hair. I feel like her big hair is such a signature for her whole look so I’m not surprised she released a hair care line. Open this post for more info ♥


Sep 21, 2019

Hair Jewelry 💎✨

When I was a younger I used to wear tons of different hair accessories…I went from the bouncy butterfly clips to hair pins, bows and and headbands 🤗For a moment (a super long one) I got over that phase and wore absolutely nothing in my hair except layered extensions inspired by Kim K. Although that style is still classic and still being worn, within the past year I’ve been seeing that adorning your hair with crystallized pins, rings, and thread have become an extremely popular thing again. I know lots of people have been wearing these accessories for years ands years but now, I see it everywhere I go, so I wanted to take the time to admire all of the styles I’ve seen 😍

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