Second in the Pixi x Pretties series is the collaboration they did with beauty blogger “From Head to Toe”. These highlighters have multi-dimensional pigments in it that give the prettiest glow 😍Open this post for more details and pics!

I first came across this brand when I was working as a Beauty Advisor with Brand Connections inside of Target. We got to test out all the beauty products, skincare, etc in the form of a huge box of gratis. Pixi Beauty caught my eye because it was in a well lit aisle and had it’s own testers which I did not shy away from.  Fast forward to today (and this is kind of ironic) I received a huge box on my doorstep of their newest products to try out and share with you guys!

I’m gonna review everything one by one so I can make sure I don’t miss anything. First up is the Pixi + Chloe Morello Lip Icing.


Makeup details inside this post ♥

When I hear the word lamination, my mind immediately goes back to when I was in middle school and we needed our final reports laminated. Surprisingly this word has reappeared and has absolutely nothing to do with school or paper 😂Brow lamination is a new brow treatment originating from Russia and is now making its way everywhere else!

Read more about it inside this post♥


Oct 17, 2019

Reggie Rocket in 2019

Rocket power was legit one of my favorite shows growing up! Reggie, Otto, and Tito were my fave characters so I knew I had to do a recreation this Halloween. What do you think?⠀Open this post for makeup details ♥

Last week a friend from high school sent me a snap story by Harpers Bazaar and to my surprise, it was my Black Panther/Killmonger tutorial!  

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