Healing crystals generally get a bad rep from those who don’t exactly know what they are and what they do but in this post I’ll explain everything from the origin, how to use them, where you buy them from, and which ones are most helpful!

I don’t want to bore you guys with the usual food blogger approach by writing a few paragraphs on what inspired me to make this recipe, because as a reader and someone who’s into blogs, I honestly skip over that part anyway 🙈😂

The real story behind this is, I was hungry and had a taste for smoked salmon and cream cheese. I’ve ordered this at a restaurant before so I figured why not make it for myself?

Recipe inside this post ♥

In my most recent Get Ready With Me, I talk about healing crystals and how I’ve been collecting them for about 4 or 5 years. Within the past year, I’ve seen them incorporated into tons of different items, such as water bottles, decanters, book ends, necklaces etc. Inside this post are a bunch of things you may love if you’re into already into healing crystals or if you want to be!

Hey everyone, I finally dropped the video for that broccoli salad I’m always talking about on Facebook lol! Before trying this salad, I’ve always despised broccoli…but since then I’ve been eating this twice a week 🤤🤤🤤 It’s that good! It has a sweet but savory type of taste to it. Read more about it inside this post ♥

Hi lovelies! I just wanted to update you guys on what’s been going on with my blog and youtube, well all of my social medias actually. I plan on expanding everything to include all of my interests instead of just makeup because I feel like although makeup is a huge part of my life that I’m obsessed with, I also have other things I would love to share with you guys as well!

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I’ve always been the weird one at restaurants who’s asked for cucumbers for my water instead of plain water or lemon. I’ve been drinking it for years, not because of the health benefits, but because of the taste. I prefer it to the taste of plain water to be honest  In 2017, after tons of info was released about what it actually does for the body, I wasn’t too shocked. Cucumber water just tastes like it does all the stuff that I’m about to list inside this post lol.

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