Happy Sunday! I know I’ve been gone for a while but I’m getting back into posting on my regular schedule 😛 So that means today is Snatched Brow Sunday and it’s time to get our brows together!

Today I have the NARS Brow Defining Cream. I honestly had no clue NARS even offered brow products so I was pretty surprised to come across it.

If you’re already a NARS lover or are just looking for a new brow product, open this post to check out my review and below and watch the video to see how it performs ♥

Open this post for details and a tutorial ♥

Happy Friday Eve! 😛

I started following Babe and Beauty on Instagram thanks to a Facebook friend and as soon as I saw this, I thought of you guys!

I know a lot of people (myself included) can get a bit impatient when it comes to skin care and the results we see from different products, but this table really helped me remember that patience is key. Stick with a good routine for at least a season and you’re bound to see some results

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Hi Beauty Queens! With all the frequent makeup releases coming at you almost every other day, I’m sure it can be hard to figure out which ones are necessary to buy or which ones are even worth it. So I decided to gather the ones that caught my eye to share with you, hopefully it makes choosing your next buy a bit easier 😝

(photo from ABH)

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