September 23, 2019

All You Need to Know About Makeup Tattoos

I’ve already written about microblading but there are a few other types of semi-permanent makeup tattoos that you’ll love if you enjoy a hassle free, quick morning routine. There’s a huge misconception that makeup tattoos look unnatural and that you’re stuck with them forever. If you go to someone who is experienced with makeup tattooing, neither will be true. With makeup tattoos, a different type of pigment is used that fades away after 2-5 years (depending on what you get) and gives you a more natural look. With regular tattoos, a more permanent ink is used and is completely different.

Lip Blushing

You can get your lips tattooed to either give it a natural flush of color or a more bold look if that’s what you prefer. When it’s first done it will appear pretty pigmented but after the 2 week healing period is over, it drastically fades away, leaving a natural flush of color. It addresses lack of definition, asymmetrical shape, and pale or dark lipss. Lip blushing typically takes between 2 and 3 hours to complete and about 2 weeks to heal. The aftercare is super minimal; don’t touch your lips much and apply and antiseptic cream until the area is completely healed.

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A subtle eyeliner tattoo creates a defined look without wearing actual eyeliner. This can take about 2 hours and lasts 3 years. I personally have gotten this done and its almost completely gone. To be honest, I got mine done way too thin so you could barely see it. It was VERY VERY subtle.

After getting an upper eyeliner tattoo, your lid will swell up a tiny bit for the first two days and it will feel sore. Although that feeling goes away after the 3rd or 4th day, you cannot wear eye makeup for about a week but after that, you’re set for the next 3 years 😎


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This is done to give off the appearance of plush, thick lashes.  Micro-droplets of pigment are placed in-between each lash to boost definition while being undetectable. The machine used for this style of tattoo is very gentle and feels more like an electric toothbrush on your skin according to renowned permanent-make-up artist Karen Betts. The area would need to be kept dry for at least 48 hours afterwards and you may feel a bit of soreness although the session itself may not have caused any pain or discomfort.


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If you want a makeup tattoo, find a tech in your area by googling “semi permanent makeup tattoo ________”, with the blank spot being your city/state. Make sure they’re experienced and certified to avoid any mishaps!

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