September 10, 2020

Eyeshadow Infused With Rose Quartz?

 If you know me, you know exactly how much I love crystals and what they do, so when I saw that Urban Decay was releasing crystal infused eyeshadows…I was beyond excited! 😱 If you don’t know what crystals are or how they work, I wrote a post a while back giving you guys all the tea. Definitely check that out if you have no clue what the hell I’m even talking about.

+ Product: Urban Decay Stoned Vibes Eyeshadow Palette
+ Price: $54.00
+ Description: A vegan palette made of 8 prismatic shimmers and 4 pigmented mattes infused with REAL tourmaline crystals which promotes self-confidence and good energy overall.  Tourmaline attracts compassion, prosperity and provides inspiration along with tons of other benefits.
+ Shades: 12 shades
+ Where It’s Available:  |  Urban Decay’s Site  


WHAT’S GOOD ABOUT IT: All 12 eyeshadows being infused with genuine tourmaline is honestly what got me. The shimmery, prismatic shades are made of a powder-cream formula which means they show up super pigmented on the skin and last literally ALL day. The mattes seem to be a regular powder formula but they’re still very pigmented (which is expected from UD considering their eyeshadows are always amazing)

AND THE NOT SO GOOD: The shimmery/glitter shades don’t blend that well when used with a brush nor does the pigment show up as well as just using your finger. You do have to push your finger pretty hard into the pan to get enough pigment, but once you do, it looks bomb. I also wish there were more matte crease or transition shades to create a full look (not that I normally use one palette for a look anyway) but I feel like those that do use one palette may need more options.

WHAT ELSE YOU NEED TO KNOW: Included in the palette is a double sided eyeshadow brush, one side is a blending brush and the other is a lid brush. ‘Good Karma’ and ‘Antidote’ are great brow bone shades and ‘Hexed’ is perfect for a transition. ‘Third Eye’ is more of a satin instead of a matte, which is cool in my opinion because a palette of this nature needs more than two textures. A few good color combos are Good Karma/Antidote on the brow bone, Hexed as a transition, and Meditate/Tiger’s Eye/Bloodstone on the lid. You could also do a plum smokey eye by using Good Karma/Antidote on the brow bone, Hexed as a transition, and Third Eye on the lid. Add Vibes or Raw Energy on top if you like some shine.

MY OVERALL THOUGHTS: Although I’m 100% here for this palette, I’m not sure how much tourmaline was infused into each shadow and if the amount is enough for you to see a true difference in your energy or how you feel. I doubt most will be using this palette every single day for any real effects to kick in but I figured I should mention it in case you guys were wondering. Either way, I’m personally still a fan.  

What do you think about this palette? Yay or Nay? Let me know with a comment down below


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