August 17, 2019

The Truth About Skin Care 😱

Hey everyone! I’m not sure if some of you know but I used to work in skin care years ago and I honestly feel like I learned so much info about the skin and how products and ingredients work during that time that I definitely would not have known otherwise. Today I’m just gonna share 5 main things I’ve learned that I think might be helpful or provide a bit of insight.


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1. Some people prefer to age gracefully, and some people want to look as young as they can for as long as they can. But as a skin care advisor, I’ve noticed that most prefer the latter. And in that case prevention is always better than treating because once the signs are there, they can be quite difficult to fix or completely get rid of. It’s better to start an anti-aging routine instead of waiting for the common signs to come in before you do anything about it. If you fully embrace those signs, that’s great! But if you know you won’t be happy when those signs do show up before you’re ready to accept them, you should start early and stick with a routine. And it doesn’t have to be some extensive 7-step routine, simply adding one small product into what you’re already using makes all the difference.

Once the signs are present and you want to treat them, you have two options. You can find a product that minimizes the appearance which you’ll have to continue to buy or else the effect will eventually wear off, or you can find a great dermatologist for a good peel/filler/laser treatment.

Prevention is key!

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2. If you are treating a problem caused by genetics, once you get results from a product, 9 times out of 10 you cannot completely stop or whatever you were treating will come back in some way. For example, if you genetically have dark circles and you use a product that lightens them, they will most likely come back if you stop using it. If you have melasma like I do and you try a system that minimizes the appearance, you’ll have to keep using it or the issue will come back. Granted, you may be able to space out the time between the treatments, meaning you might be able to put the product on once or twice a week instead of once or twice a day, but you’ll still have to continue putting it on your skin.

In most cases, the better option is to come up with other ways to combat the issue such as a change in diet, a trip to the dermatologist for a peel, filler, or laser, etc.


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3.I’ve used the whole ‘peel, filler, or laser’ line twice already so I might as well get into why. Topical treatments typically are never permanent when it comes to something caused by genetics. A more permanent or semi-permanent option is to find a great dermatologist and ask for a solution in the form of a laser, filler, or peel because those can solve almost any issue when it comes to skin care and the results last way longer than any topical treatment.

For example, when it comes to the issue of melasma, brown spots or sun spots on the skin, the Melanage peel would be more beneficial than a topical product as you would only need to get it once a year, maybe twice. Similarly, when it comes to hollowness underneath the eyes, an eye cream with hyaluronic acid will do its best to plump the area up, but you’ll have to keep using it every single day to keep up with the results. The more semi-permanent option would be a round of filler that would last up to a year.

But if the issue isn’t that noticeable or that big of a deal, topical products can be super helpful and more affordable.


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4. If you’re not using your skin care products as instructions state, you’re 100% wasting your money. Skin care products need to be applied for 12 weeks before you see full results. You may see some results prior to that but you won’t reach the full potential until 12 weeks of applying the product. It needs time to build up in the skin and make a difference. If you’re trying to get rid of an issue or see some change, you have to keep using the product you chose or the issue will come back. If there’s no real issue and you’re just looking to better your skin overall, the same rule applies.

So what happens when you skip four days of the product you bought that states to use 2x, once in the morning and once at night? Your skin slowly starts to revert to how it was before you started using it. That means once you pick your routine back up, you’ll need to make up for what you missed. You might as well have poured out 8 applications worth of product down the drain because that’s essentially what happened. Okay, I’m being dramatic 😂 But you’re basically just repeating the 4 days you missed instead of progressing, which is a waste of your money and a waste of your time. I like to compare it to repeating a class — do the work and you wont have to waste time and money to repeat.


5.Acids are your best friend. Hyaluronic, kojic, glycolic, salicylic, ascorbic (aka Vitamin C), lactic, oleic, ferulic, retinoic, the list honestly could go on forever. And I know, when you hear acid that word doesn’t sound like something you’d want to put on your face but I’ve learned that if there isn’t some type of acid in any of the products in your skin care routine, you might want to add one to see a big change.

Acids have tons of benefits, such as increasing skin elasticity, minimizing fine lines, brightening your complexion, improving texture, exfoliating, controlling acne, hydrating and much much more.


If you guys want a post on the different types of acids and what they do, let me know in the comments or message me on any of my social media accounts and I’ll get it up as soon as I can!

Overall, I have tons more to share about what I’ve learned while working for a skin care company. What I listed here is just a preview of the mini series that I will be continuing. But I hope I provided a bit of insight…look out for more!

If you have any recommendations that you absolutely love, let us know in the comment section ♥

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